Hard To Read but I Needed To Say It

I am quite fed up as I just lost the post I was writing. It was controversial perhaps but I need to say I felt let down by my closest friends. Nobody ever expressed real concern about my ex’s behaviour and offers of support were thin on the ground too, so I just gave up on them really.

Better Days -Pete Murray

“I needed my friends but they were gone without a trace.”

I wish somebody had cared enough to voice any concerns. It would have made me feel cherished.

I needed somebody to ask me if I was ok.

I wasn’t…

When I Needed A Neighbour

I was married to A Narcissist For 24 Years I experienced twenty years of this and believe the abuse is ongoing,

I have asked myself what I would have done if positions were reversed, I am pretty sure I could not have just got calmly on with my life while I was concerned that a dear friend was in trouble. A few words of support would have gone a long way.

Cool Kids -,Echosmith

Source: https://youtube.com/c/echosmith

Why Narcissistic Abuse Ends Friends

Source: The Royal We

In my case I have learned my life was laid bare by people who could not be bothered to contact me and see how I was. I had initially decided to cut contact with most of my “friends” who had not appeared concerned but I had then reasoned that perhaps I had unintentionally walked away from my friendships myself because narcissistic abuse makes you feel so unworthy.

I still feel badly let down but I do understand most people just do not realise the extent of the ordeal that is narcissistic abuse. They do not comprehend what you are going through, plus narcissistic abuse can cause our behaviour to radically change. It is like you exist on another plane and it is hard to relate to people who do not recognise the full horror of narcissistic abuse. I found connection with other abuse victims was vitally important and helped me through the early days of recovery. It really isn’t something people understand unless they have experienced it themselves.

Source: Divine Hymns https://youtube.com/c/DivineHymnsI

I found it hard to sit back and watch a whole country be narcissistically abused. I wanted to be the guy with the umbrella. Especially a country (particularly the gaslighting and deliberate sleep deprivation)which has been there for us all when it counted.

I Can’t Go For That-Hall & Oates

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