One Australian Woman Who Did It Her Own Way

To contend with the deliberately deceptive advice I was being given about Australian manners, I had bought several books on Australian customs and manners. I found Ita Buttrose’s book on the topic very reassuring. I have generally admired Ita. I watched the ABC while she was in charge, I spotted no particular issues. I would imagine she was firm but fair. -This reminded me of her Ita’s book on Etiquette

I know she has principles. I probably wouldn’t agree with all of them but my best friends have often been people with differing views. She is still one of the Australian women I most admire.

“I played to win. When I was a child, my brothers and I played cowboys and Indians in the park, and I was always an Indian who got captured. That was a learning experience; they were showing me that as a woman I was going to be captured. But in a metaphorical sense, I think I did eventually become a cowboy.”

Ita Buttrose on The Birth of Cleo

I remember watching cowboys and Indians too. I think these days we see things differently. I loved “Indian in the Cupboard.” by Lynn Reid Banks.

Source:Rotten Tomatoes

Native American Women Insisting on Respect

Source: Lawrence Wilson

I reckon all of us could learn a thing or two from them. It is great to hear that at eighty she is happy with who she is.

Happy – Pharrell Wiĺiams (This was my song when I finally broke free)

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Source: ABC News Australia

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