Observations on Attitudes To Indigenous People In The Early Nineties

Shaun Miccaliff somebody not afraid to make powerful, political comedy. Here in the show Full Frontal, produced in the early nineties, he seems to be trying to illustrate some of the negative attitudes towards indigenous people at the time. I was travelling around Australia back then and had been shocked when somebody had thought to tell me, that the value of a particular coin represented the bounty available on the picture on the back.

On the back of a two dollar coin there was an indigenous person

Here Shaun Miccaliff seems to confirm the attitude to indigenous people at that time. He was making a very serious point in a clever way.

Shaun Miccaliff-Indigenous Sketch

Source:Quinton Queefington https://youtube.com/user/rhyslings


This is explicit. However it illustrates negative attitudes which need to change even in the modern era.


Pillaga-Secret, Sacred Caves


I’m Not Ready To Make Nice- Dixie Chicks

Source:The Chicks https://youtube.com/c/TheChicks

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