No Thanks

My father’s response to people who don’t take “No” for an answer.

“Which part of No don’t you understand.”

NO – Meghan Trainor ([ was continually bulldozed the whole time I was with my ex.)

Bulldozer James Taylor

A Letter To The Narcissist’s New Supply

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A Cautionary Tale

I used to follow Tracy Malone. She had managed to become good friends with the narcissist’s new supply. Her partner had actually had her arrested at one point according to her videos. Somehow despite the fact that his new Australian partner/supply was there when she was arrested, they had become firm friends. Last I heard they were going on holiday together but I see the videos which the two of them had made together have disappeared. If I had to hazard a guess . (This is pure speculation on my part.) I would say he had managed to get back with one of them. It just goes to show how hard it can be to stop making the same old mistakes.

Here Tracy talks about not hating the new supply.Dear Next Supply of My Narcissist I was angry with the next supply, as I felt she had been tricked into also attacking me. I burned every one of his letters and cards.

I can honestly say I did everything I could to stop anybody else having to experience what I did. I really got upset about him telling people I was keeping him from his children. The opposite was true. I had to keep putting them back together after he had messed with them. In the end it was his treatment of them which had ignited my fury and hardened my resolve to have nothing to do with him. He chose to disappear to another state, (a move which I had recognised he had been planning for years,) with five minutes notice,on the day before Father’s Day. A ploy I had recognised as entirely deliberate. It had taken the children a while to recover. It was not that his moving was wrong. It seems to have been a good move for him. It was just the intentionally cruel way he did it That is the Father’s Day legacy he left.

Predictable – Delta Goodrem

So I will never be reminding them about Father’s Day. Our relationship had brought out a side of me I never knew I had. I would rather remain alone than see it ever again.

Fortunately they were young adults by that stage. So I was able to say what I really thought, which actually helped them get over the shock. I remember something about,:if we don’t learn what we are supposed to learn then life/ God will keep presenting the same issues, so I would talk to them about learning how to manage their relationship with him, as I know that doing so will probably help them later in life.

Source:7th Heaven

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