I believe this was my first post. I am not quite sure. If it wasn’t it should have been because it was my quest to learn about my grandmother, which started my genealogy adventure.

One person, I believe that is all it takes, to inspire us to do family research.For me it was my Grandmother, who had died almost twenty years before I was born. I didn’t even know her name. All I knew was that she had been horribly ill for most of my Father’s childhood. I had seen her face only once in a crumpled old photo her brother seemed to have kept in his pocket. He had hurriedly produced it one day, I had strained my neck to see it.(I was just a small child at the time-it had been assumed we children would not be interested.) It had just as quickly disappeared back into his pocket. That was the only time I had seen her and knew with certainty it was her.

She wasn’t really spoken about but I WANTED to know her. It took a health crisis to get me started. I needed a distraction, so I headed to St Catherine’s house to look at records. Fortunately her maiden name was pretty rare. Before long my research had taken me as far back as my Great Great Grandfather the health crisis passed and I moved on with my then husband to a new country.

Some years later I was idly googling names from my family tree, when up came Ancestry posts from my by then deceased father. Nowadays there is a new immortality to be found on the web..I was astonished to discover the extent of his research. I realised I needed to pick up the baton and continue the quest…

“The moving finger writes and having writ moves on.” – Omar Khyam

unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

Source: Natasha Bedingfield https://youtube.com/c/natashabedingfield

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