The Dangers of Jumping On Bandwagons

My mother used to say if somebody else stuck their head in an oven would you do it too. Rather tragic given my Great Grandfather but nonetheless  I got the point. Blindly following others on Bandwagons is a bad idea, Actually it probably depends which band. I wouldn’t mind if it were the Dooby Brothers or ACDC

I recently found a few things stating “The Majority Is Always Wrong.”

A classic case of this was The Poor old Dixie Chicks who were vilified for their comments on The Iraq War. Fortunately they were able to process their anger creatively and produced a great song

:I”m Not Ready To Make Nice

Say what you like about George W. Bush but he has lightning reactions, judging by the way he managed to avoid shoes thrown at him by a disgruntled Iraqi!

History has proven them to have been right. As we still suffer the consequences of the decisions made back then. It was interesting to hear this terrible decision which has likely cost millions of lives around the world recently described as “justified” it seems like in an unguarded moment they had revealed their true feelings. The way they came to power was dodgy in the first place, Seeing him being given an affectionate hug by a former first lady put me off both people involved, in fact it caused me to mistrust the whole political system. The hug was a little too intimate, like they were both on the same team.

Why Do We Elect Narcissistic Leaders?

I understand people needing a way to process feelings, only too well

Bill Maher lost his show and endured similar treatment for a few off the cuff remarks about 9/11. History now views him in a different light too. Yet it is sad to see him forgetting his own treatment  and jumping on a few popular bandwagons ĺately. Whatever his remarks at the time, at least he didn’t view it as an economic opportunity. Yet nothing has ever been said about those kind of comments.

Cool Kids ‘ Echosmith

Source: Echosmith

It is probably unwise to join in popular causes or games. If I find I am agreeing with the majority, I recognise I am probably wrong.

Russ Harris – Internal Struggles

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