1984 Part 2- All About Nothing

Perhaps George Orwell had it right. 1984 was a crucial year:

I still love The Neverending story. I seem to remember my parents had watched it before me whilst they were out in America. They went with some dear friends who still make an effort to keep in touch to this day. It would seem that my American friends have been amongst my most loyal. They have never given up on me, despite my own difficulties staying in touch. I get annoyed when people here criticise Americans. I have told them straight to their face of the great kindness we were always shown during our time there. I have had a couple of American boyfriends. I have nothing bad to say about them whatsoever. My mother also seemed to have fond memories of an American boyfriend.

I don’t remember when I saw Neverending Story for the first time but I had loved it. It is so true. We live in a world where it can feel like we are being swallowed up by nothingness.

Seinfeld – A Show About Nothing Source: Marc Fuller https://youtube.com/c/MarcFuller


Trailer The Neverending Story

Fortunately the bible tells us:

“Nothing is impossible with God.”Luke 1:37

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