Songs For Those With A Sweet Tooth

Sugar Mountain – Neil Young

The Candy Man Can

In The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Burl Ives Link needs to be corrected.

Sugar Sugar The Archies

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard (From 1988) This actually reminds me of a bullying incident, I experienced, which the teacher had totally ignored.

The Sweetest Thing by U2

I was always amazed that their drummer managed to be so fantastic, despite having only one arm. I suspect we could all learn a lot from that about resilience.

This last one really stands out for me as I have the album.

I bought the Album Hysteria i as I loved the track ‘Animal’ at the time but I now find hidden depths to the song ‘Pour Some Sugar on me‘ I can’t believe this must have been way back in 1988. It was way ahead of its time. Even I have trouble remembering a time before i phones…

I will add to this post as I remember more songs on the topic Sources all to follow.

A particularly creepy ad from the 1980s on the topic of sweet things:

Seeing as I have mentioned The Big Rock Candy Mountain already:

Another piece of music about mountains.

Hall of The Mountain King When I listen to Peer Gynt I am transported back to my room and doing my homework.

(My parents had The Peer Gynt Suite Album by Greig. Peer Gynt by Greig)

From The Children’s Media Archive

Peer Gynt Wikipedia

I would listen to it all the time. I loved that it told a story. I am also into ballet. I took the children to see Russian National Ballet in 2005 when they visited our town.

Mum and Dad had taken us to see The Nutcracker as children

Bolshoi Ballet/ Coppelia Mazurka

Coppelia from The New York City Ballet image:giphy. com

The children had been nothing like as enthusiastic as I was but I wanted them to see the ballet. I still have the program somewhere. I can also find out the date with a little research.

I do have good research skills. My friend had been terribly upset as she had witnessed a motorcycle accident and been there with him as he died. I felt it was important for his mother to know he had not been alone, so I had helped her track down his mother, to tell her how he had spent his last moments . She was comforted to know he had not been alone, as it was described to me. Having lost a dear friend in a car accident, I think about these things. All I could think about was how I would feel if it were my child.

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