1984 Part 1

I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me by Nik Kershaw. I went to see Nik Kershaw when I was at college. 1984 marked a significant change in both music and fashion. It might even have been when synthesiser music began to really take off. It was also the year Dennis Handlin took over Sony Music Australia.

It seems to have been a big year. So many artists from that year are no longer with us.

I remember Michael Hutchins death with particular sadness as I also saw him playing live with INXS.

Apparently the song “I Want To Kiss the Bride” was from that year too. This took me back to my own wedding day when a friend had brought somebody unexpected with her, who I had ducked out on going on a date with several times, as I knew he was a bit of a womaniser, who already had a girlfriend. I do remember my mother liking him however and suggesting I might be the one to get him to mend his ways.

He had made one comment which touched me deeply. I had remembered it in the midst of my struggles. It was nice to believe that there was at least one person out there who hadn’t thought I was grumpy When I had complained that my face ached from smiling, he had told me that I always smiled…

.Womaniser-Britney Spears

Source: Britney Jean Spearshttps://youtube.com/user/BritneySpearsSMEVEVO

However I still believe “Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots.” Especially in the light of recent events.

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