Teacher’s Prayer

Teacher’s Prayer

A Prayer For Our Teachers

Teaching As A Subversive Activity

It still impresses me that China is so keen on education. They seem to recognise how important it has been for their progress. Perhaps if they can fully embrace this great new era of education, their progress will accelerate.

I almost never give answers to anything. I try to nudge children along to find them out for themselves. My own youngsters have become frustrated and angry with me about this at times but I was gratified recently to hear how much my daughter was enjoying problem-solving in her new job. We had talked a lot about Edward De Bono on my teacher education course.

Welcome To The New Age

I don’t mind admitting that my teacher education was downright weird. It used to frustrate me at times but I now realise the power in the way I was taught to teach. To this day I have no problems with children’s mistakes. I was taught a page full of mistakes was a good thing. It teaches us far more about our students than a pace of right answers. I love unravelling how students get to their answers. I hate it when teachers just dismiss this valuable opportunity.

I have always loved youngsters who think outside the box. I had a young lad challenge the story I was reading one day. I admired him for it. He was right. I allowed him to finish reading the story for me. Intelligent youngsters can be very challenging. Few teachers seem to recognise the difficulties of being Intelligent

.Sometimes children can be too intelligent for their own good and need to be taken back to the basics as they tend to skip steps. I had to take myself back to basics at times. I also recognise intelligent youngsters tend to have gaps but you hope that if you give them the right tools they can work it out for themselves.

Source: Life Outside Work https://youtube.com/channel/UCjk4SJkfMZ5FlkPs-FRnRAQ