They Deliberately Provoke You Then Sit Back and Gloat As You Look Crazy To The World

I watched this You Tube video once, where this guy was complaining he had been accused of domestic violence. He claimed his partner was crazy as he stood there outside the house waiting to film her.  Right on cue she had appeared, wild with anger. I felt so sorry for her. I knew she had been set up. Who knows what he had said or done. He had likely pressed as many buttons as he could, to elicit that reaction. I saw the smirk on his face but most people probably only noticed her angry reaction.

A beautiful song. I have just realised that this is about sexual abuse. Fortunately that was not something I experienced.

Demi Lovato Warrior

This is so powerful. I wish more people understood about their meaningless apologies and their big sorry act.

My mother had pointed out the smirk on the face of the narcissist several times but I had not understood its significance  at the time.

My Most Fun Protest

I say if they want you to behave like their family, go ahead and do it. In my case this had involved my buying beer 🍺, a packet of  cigarettes and turning the footy on full blast. My youngsters had been extremely concerned to see me smoking but I was just trying to fit in. Right!!

Smoke on The Water -Deep Putple I nearly went to see Deep Purple in concert.

Goody Two Shoes – Adam and The Ants

“He don’t know me very well, do he?’ Bugs Bunny

I forgot we used to have a giant Sylvester we bought in was my brother’s!

I Taut I Taw A Putty Tat – Mel Blanc

Poor Puddy Tat – Boomerang SpecialRecently Tweety has seemed revitalised!