There But For The Grace of God…

I did not realise how important music could be until it had stopped being important in the world. I recognised how much artists expressed themselves in their paintings and their music.

A favourite saying in our family growimg up was, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

I always think of that whenever I see somebody homeless or a domestic violence victim who has been seriously injured or killed.

I know it is There But For The Grace of God Go I

I have usually done something for them, like buying them a warm drink. It is especially wretched to be on London’s streets in Winter as it is so cold.

I Live In Trafalgar Square. – Bert Holloway

I had been concerned, while going through our divorce that we too might end up with nowhere to live. I do not think our youngsters had understood how close this had come to being the case. I was so grateful to have found our current home. It had seemed like a miracle at the time, perfectly located so that they could get safely to and fro to university. For me the early days had been blissful. I had told them we would have a holiday those first two weeks. I had treated them to take-always and meals out. I had thought I could finally let go and relax. I had been absolutely determined that they would finish their education.

Our son had been pretty happy at university until his friendship with a girl had turned toxic. Ì had encouraged him to stay away from her before he would get himself into trouble but she had continually rung him up, wondering where he was. He has never fully recovered recovered.The worst moment was when she had turned half his class against him. I do not think how his young Asian friend realises that he may just have saved his life with his kind words. I did thank him but I don’t think it had registered with him how truly grateful 🙏 I was.

I am still processing my anger that my own situation was allowed to continue for so long. I haven’t written this previously but my dear friend had given me a solemn look in the eyes, when I had lamented that I wished the relationship was not breaking down at such an important time for our youngsters.

She had pulled me up short by stating simply,

“Freda(not my name) one more year and you could have been dead.”

Source: Keith Urban

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