C’est La Vie

Another housemate had spent one Summer in a Peruvian village, during the extremely dangerous time when Shining Path was active. She got up to all sorts of things during the time I knew her. She had become extremely ill in India having contracted a serious contagious disease. She was put in quarantine for a while.

El Condor Pasa – Simon & Garfunkel

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El Condor Pasa

I was good friends with the girl whose room I had moved into. She had once led me into a scary part of London to catch up with an ex boyfriend of hers. I have been alone on The West Bank. I still don’t think I was as nervous as I has been that day. The whole experience was quite taxing.

I’m The Taxman – The Beatles I notice the song mentioned Mr Wilson & Mr Heath. Perhaps they were chancellors of the exchequer in or around 1966


Please research Harold Wilson and Edward Heath for yourself

My most disastrous date ever had ended with the man, I had believed was my date, canoodling with another girl in front of the stage at a concert and then my being treated to him having multiple baths with her in the house under my nose. I don’t think I ever properly spoke to either of them again. I had left the concert alone and caught a taxi home. I had known him for years.We had shared a house for two years. I had met him in my first year at college. He would fairly regularly turn up drunk to see me in the middle of the night when we were no longer sharing a house.It was such a sad way to end our friendship.

Our Lips Are Sealed – The Gogos

I think everybody has their ‘One That Got Away Story’. Mine went on to be a public figure. I had always hated his politics. That was how we has met in the first place. He had been going door to door trying to get votes for some party or other. He had annoyed me from the very beginning. I was trying to find a suitable clip from When Harry Met Sally. Truth is nobody who cares would ever have been so publicly callous to a friend. Friendship is a precious thing. This was one occasion when I couldn’t just be bought off with a box of chocolates.

In recent years I have shown my youngsters a video of him. They were impressed with his manners I think. All around him were losing it and he was being gracious at the time. I never knew him to lose it all the time we had shared a house but he had loved his drink. I now appreciate that I had never once seen him aggressive in all the years I knew him, despite the drink. He was always an affable drunk. Even I am surprised how well I remember him. I guess he must have left his mark. In recent years the party to which he belongs has effectively ended a dream of mine. This makes the fact that he once tricked me into eating vindaloo, pale in comparison. Opposites Attract – Paula Abdul

I consoled myself with this song:(I also used to like ‘Rat In The Kitchen’ by UB40 at the time but the lyrics are stronger than I realised at the time. I really just enjoyed the chorus. 🐀

We were only ever friends but elements of this scene remind me, especially:

“That’s what we do. We argue.”

Amusing version of Rat In The Kitchen by UB40

Source: Jordan Gingold

Nowadays we needed a version here in Australia for a while called there is No RAT in The Kitchen. Fortunately supply issues have settled down now.

C’est La Vie-Robbie Nevil

Source; VEVO


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