The Nightmare of Divorcing A Narcissist

The Nightmare of Divorcing A Narcissist

I have chosen not to write about this till now. However under severe provocation I have decided to tell something of the nightmare you may experience should you dare to divorce a narcissist and their family.

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Make no mistake about it you are likely to discover that you are dealing with their  entire coterie when you embark on divorcing the narcissist.  There is likely to be all manner of  financial and other shenanigans you may have to face. I turned a blind eye to most of it.  Perhaps this was a mistake on my part, as it seems to have been considered a sign of weakness, which has then led to ongoing harassment.

My ex’s family friends all got sucked in by him. We used to stay down by the beach with one of them. I have since realised she was a co-dependent with a narcissistic ex husband and daughter, I recognise she had experienced similar PTSD following being dumped. She had spoken to me of her suicidal thoughts at the time. It would be a shame if she is still being taken in by toxic people because I liked her. We share a love of plants.I think she is a bit green when it comes to toxic people. Hopefully her knowledge is growing,

The shifting of finances around; the massaging of figures. You name it. They will get up to it. Not forgetting the deliberate denigration of you on social media. Some may even take it as far as hiring a hit.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – ACDC

With thanks to the car that drove by me, while blasting this song, as I walked alongside the beach one day, for reminding me of this tune for my blog..

I have spoken to professionals who confirm this type of behaviour. Failing that they will try to drive you insane and then point out to all and sundry what a terrible parent you are.

So strap yourself in  if you are divorcing a narcissist, it is likely to be a wild ride.

I had recognised the need to cover nt ass. Antipate being called abusive. money-hungry, a user. In fact everything they are, they will accuse you o being.


I forgot my ex went from Mr Can’t-You-See-I’m-Too-Busy to Mr I -Am-Always-There -for -Your-Medical- Needs with regards to their healthcare during our divorce and afterwards but as usual it was me who usually had to deal with the fall-out from his medical decisions. My son came back with his wisdom teeth removed and predictably (for him anyway) had a nasty infection, which was treated at the hospital.

The Middle-Wisdom Teeth

He would take them round to a house filled with smoke but it would  be me who spent weeks dealing with the resultant asthma.

He left a mallet in the garden. ( Nowadays I even wonder if it was a deliberate set up.) I forgot I had to double check everything with him. This had nearly resulted in my daughter receiving a dangerous blow to the head. I laugh about it now but at the time I had been left shaking.

He would be looking after the children one minute then something he would consider more important would come along and it was like they didn’t exist. His attention span is fine when it suits him.

Is it any wonder I’m Paranoid

I was once told I didn’t know who my friends were, which is absolutely true when you are dealing with narcissists, you learn to trust nobody.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I was deliberately and systematically tortured from the birth of my brother onwards.

Still bear in mind The Only Way Is Up Once you have successfully broken away from a narcissistically abusive relationship.


Thank You For Being A Friend

As for me, as the narcissist (also see Jezebel Spirit) employs new tactics, I will keep you posted, which makes it a win-win situation.  I mean so far he has inadvertently helped me to remember the love of my life and why  I am definitely not interested in others. This gives me peace no matter what else he tries. 🙏

Identifying The Jezebel Spirit

This guy really said the things I wanted to stay for me. I honestly think nothing is worse than narcissistic abuse.


Source: AC/DC

I have developed superpowers over twenty years living with a narcissist.

The narcissist’s Worst Nighmare