The Secretly Vindictive Behaviour of Narcissistic People

For years I have tormented myself over my mistakes. Once narcissists try to rub your nose in it and to make you feel guilty about something, you know that you were probably concerned about nothing.

If I feel.I have been wronged I try usually to deal with things directly myself. Apparently that is a funny idea to some people. When you are dealing with narcissists they will always try to say,

“What about the time you did this‽” Remember when you did that.”

Perfect For You – Rachel.Platten


This often mimics the way an empathic person’s brain operates anyway.To compound it, they are usually the type of character who everybody loves, while true victims are often much less exciting for people.

Russ Harris- Internal Struggles

Now don’t get me wrong pointing out the hypocrisy of the narcissist may help them learn and grow. So I do not want anybody to be made to feel guilty by my words.

However the machinations of narcissists continue to amaze me. Rest assured a truly damaged person does not have the strength or will to marshall a vindictive army of baying hounds against you. It takes a narcissist to do that.

I Am The Warrior – Patty Smyth

Source: Scandal VEVO

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