Record of Ads Appearing with Personalisation Turned Off

MINORITY Report – Personal Advertising in The FutireS

Source:documents mailtest

If I feel ads are still targeted when I have specifically asked that they not be. then that is not a product I would consider trustworthy or recommend to anybody else. Just to make my position clear I will not be signing any online petitions for the foreseeable future.

Amnesty International Ad- Feels pretty targeted to me.

Commercial property: Perhaps

Taycan GTS Some features

Aldi =Not particularly

Finder- hmm

Spotlight – hmm

Creepy Billboard ad in Chinese- On the surface: No

Invisalign-All tooth product ads I consider targetted.

Square Space online store -probably targetted.

Henley Homes; Neutral

Ear health; been pretty continuous

Man shake. Neutral

I will update this as I go along.

Dating also been pretty continuous; hmmm

Stroud Home builders

Dr Doughnut: neutral

Finder bank accounts: neutralF

Fortnight Cubed neutral

Dating Ads -Annoying but irrelevant.

Medibank – illustration personalised

Funeral Insurance: Could perhaps be neutral

athletic attempt to personalise a jewellery af.

From here on in I will try to call out people or companies advertisers that appear still to be employing targeted ads either on my blog or You Tube



Take The Gay Test: (X3)Well that’s it I’m obviously gay then. I am sure my computer knows best. 😆

I hate homophobia with a passion. It feels at times people have some extremely narrow-minded views. Depending on which country you live in, it can be perfectly ok to admire other women and identify with what they have to say without being labelled.

A gay test is a dumb concept in my humble opinion. Women are not supposed to admire other women I think. We are supposed to save all our admiration for insecure men.

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