Sydney Poitier when interviewed by Oprah once said, “The Measure of A Man” is how he treats his wife and children.”

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I realise there are videos which he appears to state this differently but this is the version I remember.

You will have to decide for yourself which quote is accurate.

Destiny’s Child – Bòotylicious

Source: Destiny’s Child

My version would seem to make more sense because in my view, the primary way a man can impact his children is by the way he behaves. I find it unlikely that abusive and controlling men would not impact their children negatively. The best thing any man can do for his children is to model good moral behaviour. The chief behaviour a man’s children will witness, is the way he behaves towards their mother.

I honestly believe that were men to get exactly what they want where women are concerned, they would be thoroughly miserable.

Matthew 11:15

Anybody who has read The Mayot of Casterbridge would know the danger of treating their wife as a commodity.

The Mayor of Casterbridge