Loving Our Young Men

The pressure for young men here to be a certain way is immense. It makes me really sad. I have watched it happen to a family member. I fought it for many years but I knew sooner or later he would have to fight it himself. It used to make me so mad to see young men being destroyed in that way. They aren’t all, nor should they all be, footy heroes. We need to honour who they are not who we feel they should be. Just for me, I know many might disagree but I find the phrase “little man” demeaning. I slipped up up used the phrase “man of the house” once thinking it would make my young man feel important. Instead it seemed to cause him to put all this unnecessary pressure on himself.

I have found that deep down there is much depth, caring and compassion that does not get tapped into, because so many of these beautiful young men feel they have to act tough. I can’t prove it but I suspect some of Australia’s greatest warriors have been tender-hearted and sensitive.

However the rate of narcissism is also I believe still higher among men. It is potentially harmful to both ourselves and any narcissistic young men, should we not use discernment on this issue. Suicide threats may also be a tactic of toxic people. This makes the situation impossibly difficult to handle in my view. My only idea is just to teach all young men that all their feelings are ok.

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Boys Don’t Cry The Cure If the link doesn’t work blame the politicians, they are probably out there telling everybody to fight wars.

I have also realised that food is another way some mothers in particular maintain control over their sons:

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