Let’s Learn About Feelings

Disgust & Anger

Joy Realises That She Sometimes Needs To Allow Sadness To Do Her Job

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In my view Inside out should be part of the school curriculum everywhere. It teaches us that all our emotions have their place.(not just happiness)

I highly recommend The Happiness Trap. I gather there is a whole heap of new materal in the latest edition, which I have not had chance to check out but in my view this book is a potential life saver. I know how much the simple concepts have aided me and my family. (through me.)

By the way fear is the one hyperventilating into a paper bag, so you can see how useful these two emotions can be sometimes. Monsters On A Boat

Monsters & Angels- Voice of The Beehive

Spoiler Alert In the end sadness needs to take charge and is able to save and protect the little girl Riley, of whom these emotions are all part

Dr Russ Harris https://youtube.com/channel/UC-sMFszAaa7C9poytIAmBvA

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