Do Narcissists Ever Regret What They Do

Do Narcissist s Regret What They Do To You?

Source: Mental Healnesd

This exactly describes the way I have been treated. More fool me for expecting any remorse.

My view is and I just had it confirmed that you can never trust a narcissist, as the minute you do, the smirk appears and they are up to no good. Still this can be a helpful way of rooting them out, one by one

Mirror Man ~ Human League.

Unfortunately narcissism is rife among “professionals”, so finding one you can trust to help you can be difficult. Many do just enough helpful stuff to hook you in and then go on the attack. Unfortunately the spaces claiming to help with dealing with narcissists are becoming increasingly contaminated. It can be helpful to assess how they respond to a little praise. Do they strut around or do they keep their heads down and quietly get on with the task at hand?

Please note their smirk is your best friend. It gives them away every time. They sometimes attempt ro stifle the smirk but such attempts are not hard to see through.

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