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Hugs may not be appropriate. (Always ask first).but sometimes just sitting with somebody and accepting they are in pain is enough.

Watch out!! A favourite trick of narcissists is to project their lack of empathy onto you

It is common in my opinion for therapists to misdiagnose narcissists with things such as Bipolar or autism. Richard Grannan once did an excellent post about this. Unfortunately much of his early very helpful stuff seems to have disappeared. In the video he mentions he has an autistic friend and that autistic people do not lack empathy. I loved his early videos. The one about allowing yourself to feel the pain was an absolute lifesaver. Narcissists force us to confront our pain. I think Melanie Tonia Evans has a point in many ways. I found it really moving when she described how broken she had been left by a narcissist and the long, hard road she had taken to recovery.I am also grateful to narcissists and psychopaths who have explained all this to us. Without them nobody would probably know any of this.

I had the wool pulled over my eyes about this particular issue, so forgive me if I am a little heated on the matter. Autistic people in my experience are usually lovely. My theory is that they are just easily overstimulated. I think they simply take in too much information and suffer sensory overload. This is quite different from narcissists. The only thing they get overloaded with is ar%$holery.  Unfortunately too many people, including initially me, cannot tell the difference. I had not wanted to believe that somebody could truly be that wel deliberately evil. This is so uncannily like the view of a narcissist that it gives me the shivers:This Heart of Stone -Rolling Stones

This Heart of Stone- Rolling Stones

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Òut of the blue my brother recently accused me of lacking empathy. The irony had really struck me but I had bitten my tongue. Ì knew he had reconnected with my ex thereby putting all our lives in danger. He used to participate fully in the sporting life at school.

I would not have survived my brother without a sense of humour and I would probably not have my wicked sense of humour without him. He used to come home late at night and want to chat. He would write on my mirror with my lipstick! I still think one of his best stunts was l leaving skid marks outside my hall m of residence. It was a little reminder of him.

It was complete strangers who had acted to protect me, They had standards. I strongly suspect they saved my life and I am grateful.

No Time To Die

By reconnecting he had inadvertently caused the toxic person to believe he could get away with anything.

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