Stockholm Syndrome

It took a while for me to acknowledge I had Stockholm Syndrome. You invest so much in somebody that you don’t want to be wrong.

You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth – Meatloaf

I love the intro to this song but experiencing one vampire in my life is quite enough thank you.

It is hard even now to acknowledge I experienced this- coming to his defence continually. I eventually realised he was never there defending me.

There were a few lights in the darkness for me, like the wonderful guy who told everyone off as I was struggling to get on the bus with two small children. I will never forget you. You made me feel like I mattered.

Thank You Fot Being A Friend

I have remembered my experiences as I watch another group of people, who have put all their faith in one person, gradually waking up that he has never been there for them despite empty words.

Fortunately like me, they can reach out to Jesus.