He made sure his fingers were in every pie

I forgot to mention the toxic person in my life. He even managed to infiltrate my lawyers. In fact anybody to whom I reached out for help. I don’t think his lawyer appreciated his antics either as he appeared to sack him. Mr Toxiic tried to infiltrate my lawyers too but my lawyer stayed cool, calm, collected and professional throughout.

I just wanted out. I feel my lawyer wanted to investigate further. Perhaps it’s not too late.

I feel sure I am not the only one he burned.

He had managed to wheedle his way round some of the junior staff’ which saddened me. I did not feel my concerns about this were taken particularly seriously.

I felt like I was pulled into a game of chess which I did not want to play.

Internal Struggles – The Chessboard Metaphor https://youtu.be/phbzSNsY8vc

Source: Dr Russ Harris https://youtu.be/phbzSNsY8vc

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