I Hope My Efforts Have Been Helpful For People Like Us

I feel I have covered as much useful material as I can on the Web right now.

It is down to you as an individual to seek the material which resonates with you. The narcissistic abuse community has also become increasingly unreliable, as far as I’m concerned, so BEWARE!

Early advice was lifesaving for me so I am sad that much of this is no longer available.

For what it’s worth here are a last few suggestions from me:

Allow yourself to feel all your feelings, including the painful ones, live by your values even in the face of opposition, trust God to provide.

I take comfort from the fact that we must be important for the devil to put so much effort into trying to bring us down.

People Like Us – Kelly Clarkson

Source:Kelly Clarkson https://youtube.com/user/kellyclarkson

As for my blog, please take what is useful on the topic of narcissistic abuse and ignore the rest.

If you look carefully at the lòng-term fruit of a narcissistic person, it will give them away.

I will be writing about other topics now.

I will leave the topic of narcissistic abuse with this thought: