Dealing With Intimidation

Wow! A lesson in how to put people in their place. Just look how defeated the Kiwis look by the end of this Haka. They had visibly shrunk.

Wish this kind of approach could have worked on the rampaging character in my life. Unfortunately standing back and observing is not an effective strategy without a team behind you for support.

Nice Try Though!

England’s Response to a particularly aggressive New Zealand Haka. ZealandHaka

The British went on to win the match.

Contrast this with the opening of a match between 🇹🇴 Tonga& 🇼🇸 Samoa.

The Rugby 🏉 Players of Tonga & Samoa Sing Their National Anthem They start their match with love ❤ mutual Respect – Otis Redding & Prayer Prayer 🙏.

If link does not seem to work or does not match with the text here, please let me know.

I have always enjoyed watching rugby.

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