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Speaking Out About Mysogyny and Sexism in Australian Politics

Julia Gillard was a real warrior. Day after day she was vilified. It was horrible to watch. Then came the day I entered the lounge, to find her giving her famous Mysogyny Speech. I was personally so thrilled to see her finally speak out. It was like a pressure valve had been released. I am unsure of the figures but I believe she had, despite everything, managed to pass more legislation than many of her male counterparts, before or since.

There were many unsung heroes both on the government and the cross benches. Men who put the good of the country first. Tony Windsor and Robb Oakshott became men I admired profoundly. They chose a difficult path. One for which they likely paid a great personal and professional price but I pray their names will go down in history, next to other great, courageous Australians.

Julia Gillard Mysogyny Speech

Source: ABC TV and IView

Australians have some unusual ways nobody talks about in the travel brochures. They will knowingly talk about you loudly within earshot. They also have this peculiar habit of opening and closing doors repeatedly as a tactic of intimidation. I have noticed it a great deal over the years. It is supposed to tell you to “shut up!” My ex used to do it too. He would repeatedly crash the wardrobe doors. It is not an anger thing. It is totally calculated.

Shut Up and Dance With Me-Walk The Moon

I was walking to school one day while my ex was away, when to my surprise, I had been accosted by an old college friend. It had turned out he worked nearby. It was lovely to see him again. I remember the two of us dancing together. If my then husband had been around, I would have invited him for a meal. I would never have invited a man over behind his back.

This reminds me of our wonderful neighbour. He was always a perfect gentleman. I researched his family tree for him. It turned out he was fairly closely related to some prominent Australians. His mother had kept copious newspaper cuttings. She was a wonderful lady. I think we all adopted her. She had obviously done a great job of raising her son He was a doting husband and father. He was a strong and committed father who had taught his sons good values. I still stay in contact and let him know our news.

His favourite show: Clark & Dawe -Australian Politics Explained

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