Country Over Party

Our local school had become quite run, down prior to the change of government. I remember reporting a cupboard full of cleaning materials etc as being unlocked. It turned out the lock was damaged and they likely were unable to afford ìts repair.

Whilst the rest of the world was dealing with the economic collapse of 2008, Australia under a new government, had decided to invest in infrastructure, hospitals and education. By this stage my children had moved to a private school because of the bullying they had encountered in the public system. The new government had not discriminated. They soon had an astroturf sports field, which had been great for this dry Australian climate. Australia had weathered the economic crisis virtually unscathed.

Australia had been very tense following that election. It had felt ready to explode. Sentiments were running high. I remember speaking Out when one-sided comments were made in their classroom. I was concerned the whole country might erupt in bloodshed. The atmosphere was ghastly. I believe I gently reminded a teacher that the government he had been criticising, had given the school a new field among other things.

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