I have learned to be a lot tougher now about having other people take advantage of my personal space. Once I have made repeated requests and been ignored. I have learned to take action.

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again -Bobby Gentry

Source:Sweet Dreams:

One of the hardest aspects about separating from a narcissist for me, was getting him to collect his stuff. Countless legal arrangements were made, for which he wouldn’t show. Of course on the day of my move, then suddenly it was all meant to happen. It was used as an excuse to raid my property. I believe stuff was removed and then used as an excuse to send mail to me.

I have just been listening to The Royal We.

“Actions speak louder than words.”

When Will I Be Loved?- Linda Ronstadt


Concerned some of the videos on You Tube are completely computer generated, so we need to be aware of that possibility.

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