Deliberate Sabotage

I was totally unsure unguarded in my early experiences dealing with toxic Australians. Still it taught me one lesson I have recently passed on :

Beware of people among your new partner’s family and friends, who suddenly take an interest in you or who insist on taking you out to lunch. It is probably just a data collecting exercise for them.

Fortunately data collection can work as a two-way street.

Girl if I had known what he was like back then, I would have loaned you my wedding dress to wear.

Who doesn’t recognise it is not appropriate to rock up and expect to stay with people just back from their honeymoon? Still she actually got whacked by a girl in The West Country for going after her boyfriend too, so I guess the signs were there for all to see. I have very little sympathy for women who betray other women.

Women need to support each other not get drawn into toxic competitions with other women. See also Empowering Ourselves

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