There is no compromising With Narcissists

I have my moments when I can be tough and uncompromising but generally I am pretty easygoing. However when dealing with narcissists I realised that compromising only made matters worse. I learned to stand my ground and watch for the signs of trouble and to try to nip things in the bud. Yes I got whacked for it one time in ten but nine times out of ten, it had kept us safe. Pacifying narcissists is, in my view, a really bad idea.

I try never to compromise my values.

I did steer off course a few times.

Neville Chamberlain Returns From Germany

I often think of Neville Chamberlain. He has unfortunately become infamous for his attempt to negotiate with Hitler, although it could be argued it bought Europe more time to prepare, it also gave the Hitler more time in his quest to eradicate Jews. I wonder how many lives might have been saved if somebody had stamped on Hitler’s foot the first time he put a toe over the line?

Little Hitler -Nick Lowe with Lyrics

Hold The Line – Toto

Source; Iconic

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