Leading From Behind

My most powerful leadership experience occurred when I was the most downtrodden. I realised that I needed to lead most when I was literally picking myself up off the floor.

Leading From Behind

God had effectively forced me into a position where I had to step up and try to lead from behind.. I had to lean completely on him. I was always content to let others show the way in the past . I totally stopped trusting the system to protect us. the day I called the police and I was effectively removed from the house. On the flip side when he was the one who was made to leave, I had started to get my confidence back.

I ran out of washing up liquid one day. I was frozen with fear for a while, until I remembered that he was no longer there. The two of us had walked down to the shop and we had bought some more. What started as a moment of blind terror for me became one of my most precious memories. She chose the washing up liquid. She had the wisdom to make it extra special by picking an unusually coloured washing up liquid, which has always helped me to remember those early first moments of freedom. For me that washing up liquid represented pure joy.

I have never lost my sense of humour. I was recently annoyed reading comments about how a woman normally reacted to abuse. I saw an abused woman while the majority were commenting on her lack of tears, I understood. They train you not to cry. They are the only ones allowed to shed tears Writing this has made me cry. It has been very therapeutic for me

People Like Us – Kelly Clarkson

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