Anti-British Racism

My son came home from working with his father one day really upset, as he had seen one of his father’s Australian colleagues, try to sabotage a fellow British worker by moving a file he had placed in a tray. My son had done no more than quietly move it back to its former position. I was so proud of you darling.

I get asked whether I am an Australian Citizen! This is not OK!!

It is degrading!!

There is at times a none-too-subtle undercurrent of hatred towards we Brits. I am unsure quite why. Perhaps it is intergenerational trauma. I mean many Australians ancestors came out here under the most terrible of circumstances. I believe I have a child convict sentenced at age 11 in my own family. I have yet to find him on a ship’s manifest, so I am unable to prove it. I do have records of him being sentenced. I was shocked to learn his father was a policeman.

I even have his photo.

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The events at Gallipoli were terrible. My grandfather used to say

“Those poor soldiers of The British and their loyal allies never stood a chance”


“It is lovely to see The Royal family honour those who fell at Gallipoli..

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