The Teacher Who Taught The Children About Respect and Consequences

This particular teacher gave my son his one and only detention .

He had been made to clear up the playground. 

This same teacher also marched several classes back to the dinner hall, which they had left in a mess, in  order for them to clear it up.

I once visited a behavioural unit for children. They had left a mess in the middle of the floor (I believe  for days) which they were refusing to clear up. The mess was being left there until they did it. I have issues in that area too, so I wanted my youngsters to do better than me. I think my daughter in particular is a visual spacial learner. I am the same – colour and systems are important to us both. 

For whatever reason we were never allowed to get into our stride. I believe at times we may have been deliberately sabotaged. I once went to a talk where they had explained that we should never do anything for children which they can do for themselves.

When I had a vacuum cleaner dumped on my lap, my friend had found me in tears. That same dear friend had helped  give me the strength to put it in the shed and to continue to put it back there every time it was brought back down. Eventually he gave in and took the vacuum cleaner away as I had refused to touch it again. Taught me a lot. However I continue to learn new things every day.

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