Abusive Men Are Not Angry, Bipolar or Misunderstood

Misunderstood – The Animals This sounds like the apology after an abusive incident. DON’T FALL FOR IT!!THIS IRISH WOMAN REMINDED US ALL WHAT ABUSE IS REALLY LIKE IN THIS ARTICLE AND VIDEO FROM GLOBAL NEWS!! Smart move if she ever felt like going back to him thisÞ video would have reminded her exactly why she had left. This is her giving a Ted Talk more recently.

I didn’t make a video but I did create a For When You Miss Him list. I also kept a tally of my days of no contact on the fridge. I needed to reset it a few times as I had events I needed to attend. At that time it would take me weeks to recover from any contact with him. Recent contact however had no effect on me whatsoever however.



Sleeping With The Enemy – I’m Sorry We Quarrelled This was not just a QUARREL. This was ABUSE(My ex never kicked me.)

I used to recite this to myself:

“When I was sat upon the stairs,

I saw a man who wasn’t there.

He wasn’t there again today.

Oh how I wish he’d go away. “

Kate Bush’s song, “The Man With The Child In His Eyes” also resonated with me. If I ever see a man with a “Child In His Eyes.” again I am going to run.


You Don’t Own Me – First Wives Club My daughter showed me this the other day on the topic of Second Wives.

Source: Watch With Mati https://youtube.com/channel/UC7T-l5mVTBcMWPHGqnP7PGg


In fact it resonated with me so strongly I often cannot bear to listen to it.


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