Faking It


My suspicion is that Rogue Traders music much like ACDC’s is more than a little tongue in cheek.

This one reminds me of a saying I particularly dislike

“Fake it till you make.it.”The Way To Go

Ah it takes me back to my teaching days. Well I did get it pointed out to me by the cleaner that there were marks on the floor from my stilettos. 👠

I hated all the stuff we used to have to get done at Christmas time. I would end up at the last minute creating a class assembly line, (I have worked several real life assembly lines.)We would actually look forward to a visit to the toilet.Still when n it comes to great jobs, rolling rubber “condoms” was the funniest.)I too can get disruptive when bored. One of the guys was definitely my own Howard Wolowitz. Like Penny I was very fond of him but over him coming on to me. In fact my relationship with the guys was almost exactly like Penny’s. I would have kneed anybody who hurt them. I was more of a mother figure. We taught each other stuff.

Failure To Launch I had similar issues with my own son. It is hard though when you have toxic people in the background waiting to pounce, They have pounced now and I have watched them stripping his identity but he needs to learn to deal with them now, while I am still able to be there for him if needs be,

Rites of passage are important. Step One being able to stand up to your father and mother.

No Charge

J.J. BARRIE – NO CHARGE .(The cost Of Real Love Is:No Charge) #286 *T*O*…

(I got so sick of the discussion with the guys about which movie to watch and just started riding and down the escalators. Next thing I knew they were following me. Well I guess life has it’s ups and downs.)

I am good at keeping myself entertained.


These days my shoes generally have Rubber Souls. Though I have days when I wish I still wore stilettos. That would be fun, To be honest I never wore wore really high heels but I do have fantasies.

I had a rich fantasy life where my ex was concerned. I had a master plan, which was a spoof on The Notebook. If I ever needed to read him his life story, he would have played a role more suited to his stature in life. He is the salt of the earth i was always hoping he would forget where we lived. If I forget where I live I hope somebody directs me to a castle. Some Castles have been the scene of important historic events and have great significance even today. I am not worried about encounters with any “shape-shifting hags“. I am quite used to that already.

giphy H

Three Strikes You’re Out I don’t wait for twenty plus years for people to treat me properly these days. ❄

Source: Rogue Traders https://youtube.com/user/RogueTraders

The Beatles

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