No Soup For You

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No Soup For  You

The Parking Garage Episode

Thank goodness for modern remotes, which you can just press to set off the car’s horn and lights. My dear friend taught me this valuable survival skill. Thank you for everything by the way. He was the only person who could ever get me on a roller-coaster. I had my eyes closed the whole time btw. He was also the only person I knew at the time who really understood The Simpson’s.  He also had fluffy dice. He is my When Harry Met Sally friend or at least I thought he was until I started processing everything here on my blog.  On the rebound I stumbled into a toxic relationship.

I realised I had another friend who went back even further through working on my blog. I had blocked that particularly annoying guy from my mind without even realising

My ex got drunk the night before his wedding  so I couldn’t go.

The book of Timothy warns us about narcissists.

“People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,”
Timothy 3 2

Star Trek Next Generation

I also love the episode where they get lost in the car park.

Thank you to another dear friend who had introduced me to The Simpson’s at an animated film festival in San Francisco, which had also first acquainted me with Disney Pixar.

He was there for me in my hour of need here in Australia. I  went out and bought myself a maternity top, as your loving friendship gave me the space I needed to be to be able to clear my head a little. I should have just gone home  as you had suggested at the time.

Sources Seinfeld TV

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