If Narcissists Can Find One Thing To Make You Feel Guilty About They Will Use It.

Narcissists and guilt.

I swear if Jesus himself showed up narcissists would pore over every inch of his life until they found a sword to use against  him. You know the  verses about specks and logs etc

He told the truth didn’t he? I knew him from infant school.

I never knew you.

A tribute to a  true friend. Sorry for doubting you. I had a massive crush on my policeman friend all the way through school. I still have his autograph. He said something about bunnies I seem to remember. My auto graph book has gone missing. Lavenders Blue Dilly Dill excepthe had ended it with “Roses are dearer by far than you.” Really hurtful!

Lavenders Blue Dilly Dilly

I don’t suppose my ex and his flying monkeys would want any reminders about police.

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted but an enemy multiplies kisses.” He is probably my oldest friend. I used to find playing with boys much more fun. You can stick the Wendy house,

Proverbs 27:6

Layla by Derek and The Dominoes

He always did have The Knack of Dancing to My Sharona


The last time I remember seeing him, he had been outside on the verandah in the pouring rain, consoling his crying fiancé eighteenth birthday.🎂 I had been crying earlier as I had been convinced nobody would show up because of the rain. I had a van-load arrive.  My mum had been so happy they had carried her through the crowd to light the candles on my cake.


I wrote about my eighteenth birthday party and put it under the front of my card from my parents but it disappeared.

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