This is a difficult topic, so please do not continue to read this if you feel triggered in any way. Narcissists use suicide in several ways. Sometimes they threaten suicide. We are all allowed to feel like giving up. Heck I have had plenty of those moments recovering from narcissistic abuse but toxic people will use threats of suicide to control and manipulate those around them. I never said anything at the time but when everything first came to a head, I felt totally in a daze. I contemplated briefly walking under a bus myself but fortunately I came to my senses. I also knew I had youngsters who needed me. Our youngsters have done well considering they had Fairly Odd Parents

Worse still is the delight some toxic people seem to take in trying to drive others to suicide. Not only do they get a kick out of having so much power and control over a person but they also requently seem able to elicit sympathy from others, if they actually succeed in causing a person to self harm. I think I was probably meant to kill myself and that he was likely very disappointed when I didn’t. Wicked Love- Sarah Bereilles

Of course he hasn’t given up. He just recruits a whole heap of flying monkeys and other toxic people to help his quest. I draw my inspiration from Winston Churchill who told his wife that if the UK were ever invaded and she was caught by the Nazis, to make sure she took out one of them too.

If I Go Down You’re Going Down With Me

When fighting with a narcissist I recognised as it says in the bible we have to be prepared to lose everything. I think of the stories of my parents and grandparents from WW2 (and let’s face it, it can often feel like we are in a war.) They taught me resilience with their tales. Especially the terribly tragic story of my grandfather’s cousin, who came home from the fighting only to find he had lost his entire family during The Blitz.

I get up again over and over. Madonna.

Fun fact: I was very late learning to walk. Apparently I never really crawled. I used to shuffle along on my bottom.

If I Fall You’re Going Down With Me -,Dixie Chicks

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