Agreeing With Toxic People Who Attack You

CelineDionTV It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.

A beautiful song but I have absolutely no romantic pangs for my toxic relationship whatsoever.

Two of his favourites were calling me “Crazy”and a “Witch”. I used to almost enjoy being labelled “Crazy” till I moved to Australia. I loved my crazy. I loved to hopscotch down the street, dance on tables and just generally enjoy life. I soon learned that any kind of crazy, zany behaviour here was considered pathological. In fact I think getting people committed is a bit of a national sport. If I said I was crazy here there would be a whole heap of people lined up ready to make money off it or settle scores. So I would panic when he called me crazy. Eventually I learned to say simply that I was crazy. – Crazy to stay with him. That did tend to stop those particular comments. I told him a few times that if I were a witch, he would have been turned into a frog long ago.

I have no particular problem with witches btw. One of my most loyal and appreciative friends is one. I love her dearly. I do not agree with her but she taught me an awful lot about my own faith. I let myself get caught up with judgement for a while so sorry…

.Showdown With The Devil

I still prefer an honest witch to a fake Christian. I don’t agree with witches but the bible doesn’t say we have to agree, just love each other.

Source: To God Be The Glory Forever

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