Best of Friends

We need to learn to marry our best friends.When Harry Met Sally

The alternative is we find ourselves joining in a little too enthusiastically with this song: (It is still a favourite of mine)

I Never Liked You by the Rogue Traders. If we are honest when we are in a narcissistically abusive relationship, we need to recognise that we often basically don’t really like each other, whatever the effect of the trance we are in.

“A real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Walter Winchell

I used to walk for up to 5 miles a day here btw. I just thought I was allowed to let myself fall apart for a while. Kim Eng had a video which suggested this was ok but the moment I decided to let go, everything fell apart.

Sadly, like me, my youngster lost ontact with many of their old friends. My daughter does tell me a girl who was her best friend the whole time she was at her first school is now following her on Instagram. I do hope they catch up again one day. Her mother was a beautiful blonde who always reminded me of the book about Alison Ashley. Hating Alison Ashley Trailer

She, like Alison Ashley was a lovely person. I suspect she was one of the few people who could see through the charm of my former partner.

It is a relief to find that the rest of them are still their nasty little selves. It makes me remember why I was glad to move away. Good to see the fan club is still as dumb as ever.

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Sources:Rogue Traders

The Slimeballs Podcast

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