From Australia With Love The Tracks of My Tears

Source: Smokey Robinson : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf2CB32jDYc

Uvalde finally pushed me too far.. I have been incandescent with rage. about the inaction. If it were down to me there would be no more school until schools are safe, Children are like ducks just waiting to be shot, whilst they all pretend they don’t know the problem is guns.

I would compell gun supporters and manufacturers to attend every single funeral and apologise to every family. I would find ways ro make them understand what they are putting parents and children through.

Yes I have blown a gasket over this!!

How can people just shrug and offer thoughts and prayers?, Pretending to care about the unborn, whilst they allow living, breathing children to get shot and teachers to buy a classload of tourniquets?

If this were happening elsewhere Americans would be doing something about it, but in their own backyard they seem paralyzed,

Paralyzed- Delta Goodrem


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