Dog Whistles

Dogs have very sensitive ears. They can. hear frequencies beyond our range. I remember my mother joking that the dog would sometimes make her nervous, as his ears would prick up when she had heard nothing, Dog whistles are whistles which operate at a frequency humans cannot normally hear.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Source: Baha Men

People use dog whistles on each other too. Key words and phrases are repeated so frequently that targeted individuals become highly attuned to them whilst individuals who have not been sensitised remain blissfully unaware. The effect of uttering these words or phrases becomes automatic. They can seem to induce an almost trance~like state in the target.

I am not particularly knowledgeable about Hitler’s speeches but feel sure that they wold have been full of dog whistles ~ phrases which would, after constant repetition, have had an almost hypnotic effect upon the German people. The use of dog whistles is something which is still in widespread use today.

What Is Dog Whistling?

Source: ABC TV & I View

The Secret Language Politicians Are Using

Source: BBC News

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