Loving Your Neighbours

An Australian tribute to our lovely American neighbours and the many other great neighbours we have had over the years, especially our very own Mary Poppins.

In Australia one of our neighbours had always brought the bins in for us.

This was especially helpful when the children were little. I had a run in with some youngsters on our street who would hurl abuse but after I had confronted the issue, actually knocking on one of our neighbours doors. To their mother’s credit they had never behaved that way again. When they were little I had often seen her on her doorstep having a quick smoke. It is not only people in paid employment, who need smokos. (There were occasions when having small children could have driven me to cigarettes too.) I had grown to be quite fond of them. especially the oldest daughter who- developed a taste in clothing and boots quite similar to my own. When we had found ourselves with four baby rabbits, I was happy to give them one of our rabbits.

Getting outside the house when you have small children requires all  the logistics and planning of a military operation.

All Parents Should See This -Michael McCintyre I had a few blissful moments of thinking I got everything sussed then I would check on them only to find them both running naked around the lounge or worse. They had both been fullyclothed only minutes earlier.

The Streak – Ray Stevens

My son once spread poop throughout his room and toys. You haven lived until you have stood in the back yard hosing poop from everything!

Gee Thanks!

Then there was the time as a toddler he had managed to lock me out the house. I had given up on socialising.As my father used to say “You go everywhere twice. The second time to apologise.” My son managed to rock his portacot across far enough so he could strip a neighbour’s  dressing table(?) of its contents while we were visiting.  It was probably  the same evening my ex had to be wheeled up the street in a barrow. We did not get out much together. (It might have been nice if there were grandparents who did not have pervert friends who could babysit occasionally.)

Our son reduced many experienced parents to a quivering wreck. Sometimes it was fun to watch. I particularly enjoyed seeing the smug ones getting taken down.

Another nosy character

There were a few teachers he pushed into early retirement too!

Now That’s Entertainment. Oh yes I remember one lie I did tell, A friend of my ex had expected me to deliver her letter complaining that her parcel had gone astray, I didn’t but said I did. She appeared to have expected the postman to know everybody on his round by name. No hold on… I did deliver it but I had apologised at the same time.

She was not the sort of person you were allowed to say, “No,”to.

When I was teaching in the UK we actively encouraged children to be able to say, “No!” for their protection,

My mum gave me a wooden spoon to give her. I never did, although she richly deserved it. On my parent’s anniversary shortly after my father had died, she had expected me to leave my toddler in the backyard with her dog, then stormed off in a tearful huff when I had refused, I know that trick now:


I would never leave a toddler alone with any dog. My brother apparently used to run his tricycle into our dog. Fortunately the only time our dog would even snarl was when we had pretended to attack each other but any animal can have an off day I was bitten(?) by a black Labrador as a toddler. I was so terrified of dogs after that that my parents had felt they needed to buy us a dog.

We don’t tend to know people by name in most of London.



My son went through a stage where he would greet other toddler friends by pushing them over. I did try and listen to my ex. Like the time in the park when he suggested we let our son run free. We had to chase him down for ten minutes and had needed to be rugby tackled by an acquaintance of my ex who had happened to be there.


Speaking of rugby tackles, an Australian guy on the kibbutz had once rugby tackled me to the ground, it had come out of the blue. He had never really spoken to me otherwise but then he was from Melbourne I used to think he was better than some of the louts. I now realise a rugby tackle is Australian foreplay. It had come out of left field, (I would say I have him on a photo by the Gaza Strip but it has probably disappeared by now.) Good job I bounce. He had never defended me against the bullying, It is possible that he is a powerful guy these days and that he has defended me big time recently for which he has my deep gratitude! Thank you. I think he has the ability to open doors. We all made our choices.

He was nicer to me than most of the British guys on the kibbutz, whom I had never grassed on for their drunken antics despite extreme provocation.

(I remember how unpleasant it was to deal with all the loutish behaviour. Most evenings we had a camp fire.) The only person I trusted spoke very little English. Flamenco Dancing.

Personally all I remember is the guys laying bets on who could get my manipulative room mate into bed. By the way what were the odds? My favourite guy on the kibbutz was the Spanish guy. He was just good-natured and friendly, I believe he went back to an arranged marriage in Spain. He was the best thing since sliced Bread,

We would sit around the camp fire listening to The Doors

Gracias por ser siempre amable conmigo.

Disfruté trabajar contigo

I liked and trusted him. It was fun doing the dishwasher with him. I admired his steadfast determination to learn English. At the time I considered him my best friend on the kibbutz.

Reining In A Toddler

I know not everybody approves but with my son reins were a Godsend. My daughter’s best stunt was getting trapped in the rabbit run. I may have laughed… Her brother was there, making sure I got his sister out, I might have taken longer if he had got stuck in the rabbit run,  I really enjoyed watching the Montessori teacher try to keep her cool with him. Even the lovely nursery teacher once admitted to me he would always find the one place he was not meant to go, More recently he scared himself the second time he got drunk and and had needed me nearby.

Drink Driving

I have done my best to explain about things like drink driving. At least that is no longer socially acceptable here. When I had first arrived the amount of drink driving had truly shocked me. The family accountant of my ex had driven away, having been drinking all day. I had refused to use him after that!

See Also:


Drink Driving. It will haunt you!

I have shown our children Jacqui Subarido

Watch “Face of Texas DPS drunk driving campaign dies” on YouTube

Our Lively, Intelligent Son

Our son literally raided the dog bowl rather than drink from his bottle on the one occasion I had managed to get to a mother’s group.I had to make several calls to the poison information line.  I should have had them on speed dial, I would scour the floors of every place he went for potentially hazardous objects he might consume. He had once nearly drunk his father’s blue glasses-cleaning fluid he kept in the car, I think he was 11 or 12 by then. He has always kept me busy.

VICTORIAN POISON INFORMATION CENTRE I think I had them on speed dial.

True Friendship

Our son has always had a kind heart. ♥ His “friends” broke his heart. His Asian friend was the most loyal. My youngsters Asian friends tend to expect me to be racist and homophobic. The very things I won’t tolerate. I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It (On the flip side some of their parents had assumed I was Asian too. I was flattered.)

Bye Ramsey Street. You were a part of my story from your very first show, when we would rush home from college to watch the latest antics on Ramsey Street.

I was also a huge fan of The Sullivan’s. I vividly remember the scenes with Elena in the Japanese Prisoner of War Camp. I can still picture her being tied in a chair and then shot. I would watch the Sullivan’s with my Nana. It had taught me some history.

The Sullivan’s Introduction

Source: Neighbours Official

Unfortunately our Australian family home was robbed. It had taken place over a day and yet NOBODY HAD SEEN ANYTHING!! A friend from another street reckoned she had seen a guy directing operations from the middle of the street. The one time we could have used nosy neighbours.

Accessory To A Chrime

I suspect that some of you were accessories to a crime.

They don’t show things like that happening on Ramsey Street. I am sure I have plenty more real Australian insights to share…

Matthew 22 verses 37-39

” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. “This is the first and great commandment. “And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”

See Also: The America I Know. Never run Americans down in front of me.

I think my neighbours liked my footwear

Some British Neighbours

Well this particular neighbour wasn’t really mine she was my mother’s I had known her since school. Her personality hadn’t changed since she was 5 or 6. She had always known everything then and she still does now. She had allowed herself to become embroiled in any upsets that came along. She was there five minutes and thought she had all the answers. I guess every neighbourhood has its own Hyacinth Bouquet.

I think even Mum was not sorry she left in the end as she had also found herself on the wrong end of her judgemental attitudes eventually – The sort of Christian who gives us all a bad name for their self righteous attitudes etc. Yes you got me- the neighbour I did not love. Told you I was a work in progress…

Goody TWO Shoes -Adam & The Ants

I see eyes light up at the prospect of getting hold of somebody I have disliked for so long. Thing is she was too snotty to have anything to do with me. The only way she would know anything anyway would be through listening to gossip, which I am sure she would never do or by passing on my mother’s confidences.


Mum’s next-door neighbours have been there quietly supporting mum through difficulties, including my father’s death. They are good Christians and I trust them.

They have never get caught up in drama. I have their email and it is to them I would turn if I have concerns about my mother.

Mum’s friend who just died was also like this and I know mum misses her terribly. I cried too. She was from Liverpool and had used to go to the Cavern Club where The Beatles played. I Was There When The Beatles Played The Cavern Source: KeepUnderCoverhttps://youtube.com/user/KeepUnderCover

She has always been my friend too – even visiting me with her husband (whom I also like very much) out here in Australia. I came across a lovely photo of the two of them in America. I hope I have already emailed it.

Kylie, everybody’s famous neighbour- especially for you Bewitched Another famous show involving nosy neighbours.

Apparently not nosy enough to see our stuff being STOLEN!!


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