Loving Your Neighbours

An Australian tribute to our lovely American neighbours and the many other great neighbours we have had over the years, especially our very own Mary Poppins.

In Australia one of our neighbours had always brought the bins in for us. This was especially helpful when the children were little. I had a run in with some youngsters on our street who would hurl abuse but after I had confronted the issue, actually knocking on one of our neighbours doors. To their mother’s credit they had never behaved that way again. When they were little I had often seen her on her doorstep having a quick smoke. It is not only people in paid employment, who need smokos. (There were occasions when having small children could have driven me to cigarettes too.) I had grown to be quite fond of them. especially the oldest daughter who- developed a taste in clothing and boots quite similar to my own. When we had found ourselves with four baby rabbits, I was happy to give them one.

Bye Ramsey Street. You were a part of my story from your very first show, when we would rush home from college to watch the latest antics on Ramsey Street.

Another nosy character

I was also a huge fan of The Sullivan’s. I vividly remember the scenes with Elena in the Japanese Prisoner of War Camp. I can still picture her being tied in a chair and then shot. I would watch the Sullivan’s with my Nana. It had taught me some history.

The Sullivan’s Introduction

Source: Neighbours Official

Unfortunately our Australian family home was robbed. It had taken place over a day and yet NOBODY HAD SEEN ANYTHING!! A friend from another street reckoned she had seen a guy directing operations from the middle of the street.

They don’t show things like that happening on Ramsey Street. I am sure I have plenty more real Australian insights to share…

Matthew 22 verses 37-39

” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. “This is the first and great commandment. “And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”

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Some British Neighbours

Well this particular neighbour wasn’t really mine she was my mother’s I had known her since school. Her personality hadn’t changed since she was 5 or 6. She had always known everything then and she still does now. She had allowed herself to become embroiled in any upsets that came along. She was there five minutes and thought she had all the answers. I guess every neighbourhood has its own Hyacinth Bouquet.

I think even Mum was not sorry she left in the end as she had also found herself on the wrong end of her judgemental attitudes eventually – The sort of Christian who gives us all a bad name for their self righteous attitudes etc. Yes you got me- the neighbour I did not love. Told you I was a work in progress…

Goody TWO Shoes -Adam & The Ants

I see eyes light up at the prospect of getting hold of somebody I have disliked for so long. Thing is she was too snotty to have anything to do with me. The only way she would know anything anyway would be through listening to gossip, which I am sure she would never do or by passing on my mother’s confidences.


Mum’s next-door neighbours have been there quietly supporting mum through difficulties, including my father’s death. They are good Christians and I trust them.

They have never get caught up in drama. I have their email and it is to them I would turn if I have concerns about my mother.

Mum’s friend who just died was also like this and I know mum misses her terribly. I cried too. She was from Liverpool and had used to go to the Cavern Club where The Beatles played. She has always been my friend too – even visiting me with her husband (whom I also like very much) out here in Australia. I came across a lovely photo of the two of them in America. I hope I have already emailed it.

Kylie, everybody’s famous neighbour- especially for you Bewitched Another famous showinvolving nosy neighbours.

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Do You Want To Know A Secret? The Beatles


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