Things My Children Did That Made Me Proud

You might think I would crow about my children’s academic achievements here but whilst I am proud of those, I am more proud of the little caring things they have both done over the years.

My son once walked miles after he had finished his lessons at primary school to buy my Mother’s Day present, a candlestick I still cherish. He also walked some ten miles back home when his father had tried to turn him into his father’s family’s lackey.He was bound at some point to try to experiment with negative behaviour patterns he had seen but he is not his father. My daughter, well she always did the little things that helped get me through the challenges of my narcissistic relationship with her great sense of humour and kind nature.

I worked really hard to try not to teach her to be a door mat.

I said what I had to say to my husband most ly. I just couldn’t make him hear me. Ironic that now people have finally started to listen to me. Isn’t It Ironic? Alannis Morisette (Acoustic)

She was always there for her friends but nobody had seemed to realise her life was not all sunshine,lollipops and rainbows. I was terrified for all of us at times. A great lifeline for us was the pastor at the children’s school. I would message her and she would pray for us. Always made me feel safe.

Whatever stages they go through and you can sèe from my blog I have been through a few myself, I want them both to know I love ❤ and believe in them.

I Hope You Dance(Lyrics) – Leanness Womack

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