Going Through A Phase

My daughter has reminded me that  not everything is just a phase. Sometimes it is just who people are. Either way acceptance is key.

I used to tell my father I wanted to be a boy all the time. Generally I hung out with the boys. In fact I probably still would, but for the fact this has been misinterpreted in recent years. I didn’t last long at a mother’s group where they were discussing washing machines. I suspect one of the reasons I am like this, is that Dad and I would chat for hours.

I say let children be whatever they darn well please. We all go through stages. Some of  we, females actually enjoy male company and doing traditionally male-type activities.

Maybe as parents we just need to roll with it. Our youngsters  had a dressing-up box. I realise now what an important role this played, in allowing the children to experiment in a non-threatening way.

My Father would call me:”Second-hand Rose

I would rather have something second-hand but good quality than something new and shoddy. I always feel I should have been around in the 1920s.  I periodically 😆 watch the channel The Way We Wore online. It covers two of my favourite  things “second-hand” and “San Francisco.” (San Francisco is one of my happy places, along with Dahab and parts of London and possibly Paris.) I could have sworn it was in San Francisco but it is in Los Angeles. I mean when your mother calls you “old-fashioned,” then you know you’ve got a problem.

Doris Talks Barbie Dolls and the importance of The Fashion Doll from The -8th, 19th and 20 th Century

I found some quality second- hand clothes locally too. However my memories here are somewhat tainted by everything that has happened.

Apparently following the devastation of France in WW2 Nina Ricci’s son, Robert Ricci had the idea of using Dolls to rejuvenate the fashion industry.

Theatre de la Mode and the Rebirth of Fashion

Source: Fort Walla Walla Museum

I love those old styles. I think my daughter is the same way. She just wouldn’t part with clothes. I once had to have a funeral type ceremony, to get her to part with a pair of trousers. There were real tears shed. It runs in the family. Mum had made Dad leave his old jumper in Australia. I like men’s clothes better. They are generally cheaper and better quality. I loved it when my ex would let me raid his wardrobe. It had made me feel a bit closer to him.

Man I feel like A Woman -Shania Twain.

See also:https://familytreeourstory.com/2020/04/01/these-boots-are-made-for-walking/

My mother would despair of my fashion. I noticed Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley seemed at one point to have similar issues. I also had a beautiful and feminine mother but it’s just not me. If I had a penny for how many times I was told to be more lady-like… One of the most beautiful things my mother did was buy my daughter a dress with embroidery and little mirrors. I still keep that dress. Just about every dress my daughter has worn has ended up plastered in mud at one point or another. My mother saw one of my daughter’s latest photos. She was covered in mud. I thought she looked breathtakingly beautiful. My mum had also commented on how lovely she looked.

Isn’t She Lovely? – Stevie Wonder

I appreciated that two of the world’s most beautiful people had allowed their daughter to be herself, even if it had drawn the ire of the world ‘s press. She has stopped hiding recently and boy is she beautiful.

Suddenly I See – K.T. Tunstall

Anna Wintour encourages people to just BE THEMSELVES.


I Love The Night-life (From Priscilla Queen of The Desert I don’t recall Jesus ever saying, “Love your neighbour only if you like the way they choose to dress.”

That makes her (Anna Wintour) the devil probablyI’m some people’s eyes but not mine.



This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It shine -OdettaA

When I was younger almost everything was just considered a phase. I went through quite a few of my own, including being a punk and an atheist. I was watching Siouxie and The Banshees recently. I remembered how my style was once quite similar. I still love my dark phase. I had a real urge to don black clothes and back comb my hair again today. In fact I was once complimented while wearing a bin bag. I cheated with safety pins. I had just attached them to my earrings. I am sure my parents were relieved that mainly I was just going through a phase…

“Watch a woman, who changes her hairstyle.” I reckon that is probably good advice.

My Scottish boyfriend once told me,


I’m Not In Love -10CC

I hope I have learned, to quote The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

“Don’t Panic!!”

If our youngsters antics don’t make us age prematurely on occasions, perhaps we may not have done our job.

Note to self: Take your own advice!!

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