Just An Illusion

Once a narcissist has settled at the top of an organisation, they are extremely hard to dislodge, as they tend to fill vacancies with their own kind. They seem able to recognise each other with ease.

I have found You Tube interesting. I learned about narcissism the same way most people do, by googling a few questions. Although a psychology teacher had first put the term NPD on my radar. Googling NPD almost immediately made sense of many of my life experiences. Talk about light bulb moment.

It saddens me that such discoveries may not be as easy these days as the online information which once educated me, has become far less helpful. I have theorised as to why this is. One theory is, that I was fortunate to catch the love bombing stage of a narcissistic abuse cycle. Of course this is only a theory. Many of the channels which were initially so helpful have stopped producing material. One I used to particularly love and identify with, tried to hang on for a while. before I assume she was bullied into totally removing her channel. Things can get pretty nasty these days in any space, dedicated to dealing with narcissistic abuse. Most content producers have complained of bullying at some point or another.

Spoiler Alert!

I remember reading the book 1984 by George Orwell. I recall being particularly devastated by the end of the tale. George Orwell was clearly one author who did not believe in happy endings.

Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength” as what totalitarian regimes want their citizens to think. For a totalitarian regime to be successful, we must be convinced that what we see with our eyes is not accurate, that truth and reality are, at least in some ways, illusions.”

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