World’s Best Company

Waitrose has a great business model. They have always taken care of my mum.and the whole family. When my dad lost his job it was Waitrose who were there for the whole family.


Google Waitrose business model to find out about it for yourself.

I ❤ Waitrose

Waitrose Business Model I tried to interest the company in which we were part owners, in the Waitrose Business Model. Mum used to go and stay at a place in Brownsea Island which was owned by the company for a holiday. They have standards. They will not tolerate pilfering of any kind but they give back so much in return. John Lewis & Partners – For Us It’s Personal.

I had a school friend who went to work for Waitrose straight out of school. I suspect she is still working for them. (I suspect they have a fantastic retention rate.)When I think of her, I instantly think Elvis. I remember her distress when Elvis died. She had used to write “Elvis RIP”all over her school books

‘Treat me nice’. Seems a good concept if it is a two-way street.

Treat Me Nice – Elvis Presley


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