The Cold War

Plus ca change.Plus c’est la meme chose.
Some of us remember The Cold War all too well. We know the routine, one or other side gets caught spying. People are expelled. Prisoners are taken and then exchanged. I have a bit of personal experience of all this. We had rented a house in America, from a couple, who had later been deported from Russia for spying, during one of these tit for tat expulsion periods.
It is odd to now to realise that increasingly people have grown up knowing nothing of The Cold War. People for whom this is all new. All they have ever known is Perestroika. We would often be told of the headlines in Pravda, always of course contradicting what we were being told in our news. I also remember there being strong sentiments, that trade unions were being infiltrated. It would seem many aspects of our lives are now being infiltrated.
I have news for you guys. We appear to be in another Cold War. As in the first Cold War, there appears to be infiltrators on both sides. However unlike The First Cold War, propaganda has a direct route into everybody’s home.(I mean I had actually had to have a short wave radio to hear it. I had used to find it entertaining.) We had known not to believe everything we read or heard, possibly a bit of a hangover from WW2.
Journalists Under Surveillance: Stalked by Spies for 30 Years | Cold War… I have always kind of assumed we were being watched. This was confirmed when I watched The National Press Club address entitled:
‘You have no privacy, Get over it”
You would be able to identify anybody watching me by their constant State of disbelief at my stupidity. I have only one thing to say to you.
“Why didn’t you help us?”
These days surely even a Stupid Girl/ boy would realise it is “weird and gross” to invade people’s privacy. I shall remember the stupidity of such individuals by playing this Garbage song. In fact I have been reminded of them every time I heard the song already.
Psalm 37 32-40
Read First They Came For

Same Old Hamster Wheel
It would seem that the game may be the same, but what is lacking now is discernment.

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