Great Song by Delta Goodren

All Of My Friends Are Back Home

Source: Delta Goodrem

My friend who was crashed into by a truck. (I still get nervous when trucks overtake.) He made radio requests for all of us. One of the songs played seems particularly poignant, as he was almost Out of Touch – Hall & Oates I think my sadness about him has lasted because of the injustice. He was always such a careful driver.

I used to travel on the train to church sometimes with one of my guy friends. He had also been the boyfriend of my roommate. (See below) I remember my annoying housemate going once too. lt was a charismatic church and he had not been quite ready for that. He had been visibly shaken.

I found the Young Ones pretty true to life for sharing with the lads.

One of my surprising friendships was with somebody I had taken an instant dislike to at first. I believe they had felt the same way about me When my house-sharing plans had all fallen through. I had been contacted out of the blue by her. Her plans had also fallen through. We had wound up sharing a room. I had been really happy. She had introduced me to Benneton & French Connection. If I write to her even now, she usually gets straight back to me. We are total opposites but I think we respect each other. She had grown up on a farm and she would tell me how she would get money for feeding a lamb, how they would follow her around like a dog. They would them sell them aI the market. I have had a bit of a delayed reaction to some of my “friends” actions, which is why I have not written about them here.. They knew I was struggling, my marriage having broken up and had offered me no support whatsoever.

Learning about narcissists has caused me to re-evaluate a lot of people, who were previously in my life. This is why I keep to myself a lot more these days.

Delayed Reaction-Hall & Oates

Miss You – Rolling Stones

You will not make me hate the guys. I still love them today. I don’t even care if they have been nasty about me. All I want to do is hug them. I liked the men in my life. For me it is incredibly sad that men and women are forgetting how to be friends. Trying to make us hate each other. I nearly went down that road after my narcissistic relationship but eventually I had remembered he was just one rotten apple. Aussie men like to think they are so tough but most of them are terrified of their mothers.