“Let Them See What They Have Done”

Emmett Till’s mother and Jackie Kennedy had some ideas in common.

She had stated simply, “Let them see what they have done.”

Jackie Kennedy was famously pictured at the inauguration of Lyndon Johnson, wearing a suit covered with the blood of her assassinated husband.

Less than a decade previously Emmett Till’s mother had uttered similar sentiments, when she had insisted on allowing her dead son to be photographed, and had placed him in an open casket.

There is a power in visual records of terrible events, as we have seen once again with the tragic murder of George Floyd.

Source:The Smithsonian Channel

German Civillians forced to visit Buchenwald I had marvelled at Eisenhower’s wisdom in insisting upon this but I now believe General Patton may have been behind the move.

Young Germans Visit Auschwitz

Source; DW Documentary https://www.youtube.com/c/DWDocumentaryy

I noticed the following interesting comment made by somebody called Bob Arnold underneath the video of the German civilians being marched through Buchenwald,

“Our dad was a Captain in the US 3rd Army, under Gen G Patton. He was a medic attached to the 18th Artillery Group. Since our dad was fluent in German, he was tasked with escorting the Mayor and the town officials through the camp. He even made them bury some of the dead. He asked them how could they allow this to be done to fellow human beings? Some of the answers were shocking and I will not go in to these details. I have never forgotten what our dad told us! They all insisted they did not know what was going on in the camp.”

Source:Mitzi Weeks

Young Germans


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